Footsteps of Kakalabanda


Footsteps Of The Kakalabanda is not a mere poetry collection, it’s a concert of tales speaking of the mystical, the fervent, heart breaking and the sad moments that still swing on the rope of memory in the authors mind. The Author hope to blend story telling in poetic to produce a unique cocktail of love, betrayal, pain, politics, Africanism using the broad metaphor of “Kakalabanda” a mystical creature that denotes high school takes; section un pun-poetry (seriously-unserious), the painful prink of memory of love, donned with Philosophy and iced with prayers and wishes.

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This is a wonderful blog for creative writing: a rich source of inspiration combined with a strong presence of the author.

Lisa Smith
Lisa SmithNY

I enjoyed every piece of it. How intelligent and delightful your writings are! Every single article belongs here.

Natalie Jackson

Those illustrations complete the charming atmosphere of your works. Smart decision on including them here and there.

John McGill
John McGillTX