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Ronald Kasirivu Ssekajja

It is very strange to write one’s biography because it is just a list of dates, events, and achievements. In reality, the most important things about my life happened in the secret chambers of my heart and have no place in a biography.
Ronald Kasirivu Ssekajja is an IT and Engineering Project Manager as well as a Business and Technology Analysis consultant. A prodigal member of the poets’ Lantern Meet Foundation, Femrite Readers and Writer’s club, and a passionate Rotarian.  Ssalongo Ronald is the author of Echoes of Tired Men, Dancing on Broken Lines, Wet Lips and Footsteps of The kakalabanda; whose poems have featured in a number of Anthologies,

including “Love Around The World” which is where he was first published in 2012.

Life got rapidly better for me after I left school, but for the first few months I hadn’t got a clue what to do. My dad eventually filled in an application form for a job as a journalist with the local newspaper. Somehow I got the job and went off to do a course for six months training.

The course was great – it was my only real time as a student – but by the end of it I had decided that I really wanted to write and that no other career would do.

For the next fifteen years, I wrote on and off, had casual jobs here and there, spent a lot of time out of work with not much to do, and I enjoyed myself enormously. I moved to Bristol after a couple of years where I lived until I was thirty. Inner-city Bristol was a great place to live, with a big racial and cultural mix. I learned a lot there and got my feeling for life. My book Junk is based on Bristol in those years, and although it is not biographical, you can pick up a lot of the atmosphere and meet a few of the people in its pages.

I was living in London aged about thirty five when I began to think it was time for me to really try hard to see if I could make writing work for me. I’d written a great deal off and on for years, a lot of it experimental, but I’d never really put getting published over writing what I felt like writing. So I had a a go – I did short stories, radio drama, and
children’s fiction.

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