Sanitized mouths

How do we make the sound?
Sound so pretty,
With the lungs of the world
Running on the borrowed respirator?
Corona making us run out of F*cks
With mouths sanitized of swear words.

The rain of the fall
The grace for those that fall
The ground to bury those that fall
Running the lungs
Of the world on the pavement of pain.
We have run out of f*cks to give!

What do we dance for?
In the cruel rhythm-less song of life
We want to cry,
But we are afraid of touching our eyes.
Staggering with hospital sheets
To get it right.

©Ssekajja K Ronald 2020
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This is a wonderful blog for creative writing: a rich source of inspiration combined with a strong presence of the author.

Lisa Smith
Lisa SmithNY

I enjoyed every piece of it. How intelligent and delightful your writings are! Every single article belongs here.

Natalie Jackson

Those illustrations complete the charming atmosphere of your works. Smart decision on including them here and there.

John McGill
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